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March Business Breakfast

March 10, 2020 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Cessnock Chamber of Commerce invites you to our March Business Breakfast. 

Tuesday 10th March, 7am at Cessnock Leagues Club in the Function Centre. 

March Business Breakfast will be focusing on the wellbeing of Employers, Staff, Businesses and Individuals.

Guest Speaker – Dr Paula Robinson

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2008), an estimated 45% of Australians have experienced a mental health disorder in their lifetime. That is nearly 1 in 2 individuals across the nation.  Mental illness also has a tremendous impact on business and the global economy. The World Health Organization (WHO), estimates that by 2030, 12 billion working days will be lost just to depression and anxiety each year. This amounts to an annual loss to the global economy of $925 billion.  As the rates of mental illness continue to rise, it is clear that we need a new proactive approach to not only treat mental illness but to provide preventative strategies and practices to ensure employees, their families, communities and organisations thrive.

Fortunately, research is showing that there may be a better way to tackle this issue.  Instead of waiting until people get sick, we can teach them practical, evidence-based skills to build their physical and psychological resources before the challenges arise.  When practised regularly, these resources serve as a protective buffer against mental illness, stress and burnout.  You can think of these resources as an inoculation, boosting the psychological immune system to assist when critical challenges arise.

Businesses are in a unique position where they can make a positive impact on their communities, employees and stakeholders through the application of evidence-based wellbeing practices.  In this presentation, Dr Paula Robinson will discuss the what and why of wellbeing and how it can lead to better individual and business outcomes.  Participants will also learn how businesses can take a proactive approach by applying The 5 Ways to Wellbeing Framework, a simple, evidence-based framework that has been utilised by governments, schools and workplaces around the world.  


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