Sustainable Cessnock

In many communities in Australia and indeed around the world, business owners, community groups, and community members are driving the growth of their area through one simple process, “Working Together”. A community that utilises their combined skills, understands their weaknesses, takes advantage of their opportunities and communicates their achievements sees many success stories in both business and development.

The Sustainable Cessnock Project has been auspiced and funded by Cessnock City Council. Council knows the value of a proactive and strategic approach to economic development committed to project outcomes; they want to see 100% occupancy, dollars in the tills, and a safe and vibrant Cessnock, including the Central Business District.

Sustainable Cessnock is about working with Cessnock City Council and other stakeholders in the development and implementation of strategies to assist the business community of Cessnock. This includes the CBD Masterplan, the Economic Development Plan, the Signage Strategy and other initiatives for business retention and expansion. Cessnock Chamber of Commerce is then able to develop its own strategic plan and operational plans to help achieve positive, tangible and measurable outcomes.